Fabiana Scattarreggia

Class of: 1998
Nationality: Italiana | Italian
Degree course: Fotografia

Fabiana Scattarreggia was born in Calabria in 1998. After attending the classical high school he moved to Rome, starting a new course studies at the University “Rufa- Rome University of Fine Arts”, obtaining after three years the degree in photography. During his studies he experimented with different languages, showing greater interest in documentary photography.

In your woods silent cries

The project comes from the strong bond that the photographer Fabiana Scattarreggia, has with her homeland, Calabria, and the desire for rebellion that has driven her away from the same.. “Calabria is a harsh beauty, it is a bitter land, contaminated by savages.. Today Calabria presents itself as a territory that is defined by many welcoming, but that often becomes the scene of inconceivable violence. A country battered by crime and abandoned by the state.

It has many holes that have never been covered, for this reason I felt the need to live it, to tell it, losing myself in the eyes of people, in the boundless nature.

My gaze was “far” in all that I photographed starting from nature, arriving at more difficult themes such as the Ndrangheta. My goal is to make anyone who looks at the project think about the conditions of Calabria.”.
The South has always suffered denigrations that have determined a message very often untrue that is still alive in the new generations, latent but constant. The territories of the South are described as hopeless lands, with risks of permanent underdevelopment, with imminent industrial desertification. The prejudices of foreign travellers are still present today, they describe the people who live in these warm regions, but with no desire to work, with breathtaking landscapes but with unworthy structures, tell of uncontaminated lands, burned and abandoned. There are no happy lands, many times there is a tendency to blame a scapegoat. We must fight for justice and rights, and it is only through the weapon of culture that we will be able to fight for the South, for these regions. In Calabria not everything is lost, despite the carelessness of many. Many people believe in a new Calabria, in its improvement. To believe in this territory you must denounce the wrong actions becoming aware of what we really want to be.
Only in this way will we return to live in our native lands to be no longer called as the Earthmen, but as the children of the Greeks.