Artista - Filippo Gualazzi

Filippo Gualazzi

Class of: 1993
Nationality: Italiana | Italian
Degree course: Multimedia Arts and Design

Filippo Gualazzi obtained his academic diploma in New Technologies of Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino. During this period, he embarked on a multidisciplinary path ranging from advertising graphics to photography and videomaking. In 2013 he joined the “ZeroCrossing” Music Academy, where he attended a two-year course in electronic music production. The world of image and the world of sound encouraged him more and more to search for new forms of expression, so in 2017 he joined the “Multimedia Arts&Design” course at the Rome University of Fine Arts, graduating with honours in February 2020. The focus of his artistic practices have always been strongly influenced and linked to the sound component, aiming to make sound tangible and visible. His knowledge of music production has taken shape in various collaborations with musicians and composers in which his inclination towards the practice of video associated with real time audio was consolidated. A number of audiovisual projects, mainly born in the academic environment, gave him the opportunity to participate in international festivals such as “Matera Intermedia”, “UK Young artists”, “Blooming”, “Roma Europa” and “Biennale Musica di Venezia”. He currently collaborates on several projects with artistic associations such as Otolab, Umanesimo Artificiale and BitNet. Founder of the Quadro Quantico studio/collective, specialising in interaction design, virtual scenography and videomapping. He works permanently with the creative studio CABINAA in Milan.

Explora sotteranea

Explora Sotterranea is a permanent immersive multimedia space of light and colours designed for infants aged from 0 to 5 (kindergarten and infant school kids)

as a renewal of the present “Tactile Itinerary” and the project for schools “I & Colour”, featuring 4 new thematic environments dedicated to the theory of colour, essential for relating with the surrounding world. This new sensory itinerary of the Explora Museum integrates interactive technology systems to teach how light and colour behave, thanks to a user-friendly experience with 5 installations, 3 information points on Light and Shadows, Light Refraction, Complementary Colours and 2 hands-on installations Sounds and Colours and Colours and Sounds.