Artista - Francesca Fiore

Francesca Fiore

Class of: 1996
Nationality: Italiana | Italian
Degree course: Fotografia

Francesca Fiore was born in Vico Equense (Naples) in 1996.
After the High School degree, she graduated in Photography at the Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA) in Rome in February 2019 with top marks. Together with some colleagues, she founded “Ammodo Studio”, a young photographic collective born from the synergy of seven different and personal visions, which works for several communication agencies. She is active as a photographer in the commercial sector and as a post-producer; furthermore, she can use different 3D programs and experience the photo-insertion. Her artistic research aims to combine photography with particular printing techniques with the aim of giving body to images through experimentation and the use of plastic materials, including wood, cement and resin. In her work she tries to translate into dense and meaningful images the very rich but at the same time mysterious world of human emotions: that is her most important theme because she based her degree thesis on it. She continues to experiment these contents with the most modern photographic techniques.

Experience reaction – How our experience influences our perception of artistic representations

The installation “Reazione del vissuto” demonstrates that a work of art generates a reaction in the observer that is always different. It depends both on the characteristics of the object and on its impact on the audience which is based on their emotional state and life experiences. To prove this thesis, fifty elderly people between age 75 and 100 were shown the same work of art and their reactions were shown in the final installation.

The work is set in a large dark room, where the observer simultaneously sees 4 different projections in slow motion. The projections show the faces of the interviewees. The contrast is perceived also through the superimposition of their voices, which echo at a different rhythm then the one of the images.