Francesca Romana Rossi

Class of:
Nationality: Italiana | Italian
Degree course: Visual and Innovation Design

My name is Francesca Romana Rossi, in art “Romana” and I am a Designer. Driven by the love for arts since I was a child, I learned how to distinguish and how to nourish two different parts of me: the designer who moves in a rational dimension and the illustrator who disrupts the creative rules by creating a more instinctive form of art. I’m currently working as a UI/UX & Brand Designer in Belgium and Italy, I’m the Art Director of Flywallet and I take care of my profile as an illustrator romanadesignart on Instagram. I tell and draw about love and life through abstraction, in which the distinctive feature of each work is that thread that connects our vital organs or our senses, a magnetic thread that attaches itself to feelings and creates fabulous tunes. I let myself be inspired by the places I live in and by those I want to wander to, by the sea, the train stations, the peoples and by the wine.

Nomo. Wearable payment system

This thesis presents elements of visual identity and marketing strategies for Nomo, a company creating new electronic payment systems aimed at improving the customer experience. A smart project, set in the context of intelligent city living within the smart economy – an economy of people thinking and working towards the generation of new ideas and increases in productivity and competition. Innovation in terms of production processes and systems has always been a cornerstone of the intelligent economy.

The study sets out to render the daily act of paying for something, which is as complex as it is run-of-the-mill, both simpler and more fun.