Artista - Giulia Timmoneri

Giulia Timmoneri

Class of: 1990
Nationality: Italiana | Italian
Degree course: Scenografia

My name is Giulia, I was born in Rome on October 13, 1990. I currently work as an Accessories Designer in the Fendi men’s leather goods department in Rome. I obtained a Bachelor Degree in Architecture at University “La Sapienza” and a BA Degree diploma in Set Design at the Rome University of Fine Arts in 2016. Since September 2016 I started my professional experience as Designer and Grafic designer in Fendi by following the design and development of the main collections and fashion shows.

The dream of the great Gatsby

Giulia’s final project centred on the staging of the “Great Gatsby”, Fitzgerald’s masterpiece. Drawing on the numerous filmed versions available, Giulia inserted this modern fable into the context of a theatre capable of vivifying the presence of Gatsby and the other characters and providing a new audience of theatre lovers with the opportunity of enjoying the conflicts, poetry and scenes evoked in the book.

It follows from this that her goal was to prepare a stage adaptation capable of conveying, in a version for Italian theatre, the magic of this timeless story, based on a study of what has already been produced, the period of the Thirties in America and anything else that might be useful for this purpose.