Artista - Laura Arcangeli

Laura Arcangeli

Class of: 1992
Nationality: Italiana | Italian
Degree course: Multimedia Arts and Design

Laura has always been attracted by artistic languages, like drawing, to express herself.
After classical studies, she felt the need to research new methods to convey her vision of the world, so she decided to enroll in “New Technologies of Art” at the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino, where she gained skills into graphic design, videomaking, and photography.
After she graduated, she decided to continue her studies into new media focalizing her interest into new forms of art like interactive installations. So she enrolled the master of arts ” Design of multimedia spaces” at R.u.f.a., where she graduated in 2020. Her working method is based on programmed circuits, realtime generated data and its manipulation into audiovisual works and interactive installations; all this together with a taste of experimentation and immagination. Especially, during the master, she really enjoyed realizing augmented objects. From the end of 2019 she is collaborating with Ultravioletto.

Augmented skateboarding: multimedia amplification of a lifestyle

An audiovisual performance in which the movement of a skateboard equipped with a sensor becomes not only an action in space and time, but also a flow of digital data that can be creatively shaped into a generative visual. The skater collaborates in this type of art projects by skateboarding in real time while managing the video. Thus, an original union between skateboarding and visual art is established. A double scene is created: the sports and movement performance that participates in the artistic one. By increasing the predetermined use of the skateboard through the sensor, a lifestyle is amplified.

It demonstrates that nowadays art, through the support of new technologies, can explore new things and establish relationships with practices and activities unrelated to it.