Marco Taurino

Class of: 1995
Nationality: Italiana | Italian
Degree course: Visual and Innovation Design

Graduated in graphic design and LM in visual & innovation design in RUFA where he designs from wearable to advertising campaigns to brand identity; wins Rufa prize for talent and MTV Rufa contest 2017; in 2019 he attended a masterclass at SVA with L.Talarico and S.Heller.
Experimenter in visual programming creates visuals, generative and dynamic identities such as Solid Light in collab with Fendi (d.c. E.Cappelli) and the new identity for Pordenone Design Week (collab T.Salvatori).
As a master thesis, he creates along with F. Floris D’ECO a mag that speaks to designers with the contribution of figures such as R.Falcinelli, E.Vitale, A.Accatino, and G.Allegri.
Mature design and work management both as a soloist and in groups directed by him for companies such as Cristaltec or team projects for FAO and WHO.
Improved his skills with UX courses by basing his method on long-term user-centered concepts and strategy.
In 2020, together with Intorno Design, he designs the skin-care brand Ganlife.

D’ECO – La voce ai designer

We are designers aware that we have gaps that have nothing to do with technical knowledge, but rather result from a lack of knowledge of humanistic, historical and cultural themes, that we have no weapons to deal with those who manage us and improve our position.
What is the awareness of this profession in society? What defends us?

Why is there competitiveness and individualism? These are the questions we ask ourselves about designers who are able to solve problems of all kinds, but do not interact with each other, only worrying about their survival.

Design creates wealth in society, so it must be given credit by promoting its culture in general and the training of designers who are aware of the potential of the profession.
“D’ECO – La Voce ai designers” is a biannual magazine that through history, technology, and society, opens a debate between designers from all sectors about the state of the profession through surveys, interviews with professionals, debates, articles, and columns,creating a shared awareness to find solutions.