Marina Picari

Class of: 1997
Nationality: Italiana | Italian
Degree course: Graphic Design

Born in 1997 in Bari, I grew up in Carpegna, surrounded by mountains and cows.
I graduated in 2020 from Rufa in Graphic Design. Now I am attending the master’s degree in Computer Animtion and Visual Effects because I believe that the power of words and images is stronger than the power of weapons. I believe in collaboration, more than in competition.
I believe that selfless curiosity is the source of the greatest innovations.
I like when a task is well done, I don’t like the approximation due to haste. I like simplicity not simplification. But most of all I like to learn. I like to learn everything, nothing is useless.
I want to tell stories that have the power to inspire our imagination.


An editorial project that explores play as a design approach.
Play as the freedom to make mistakes, as a curiosity to change point of view, as an opportunity to love the process, regardless of the result. The book is not a manual of pre-packaged activities, but a portal for those who want to learn how to play their own way.
The words of graphic designers, biologists, educators, provocateurs and eternal children resonate in a book in which play is a very serious matter.