Artista - Marta Ferro

Marta Ferro

Class of: 1996
Nationality: Italiana | Italian
Degree course: Fotografia

Marta Ferro was born in Salemi (Trapani) in 1996. After high school she graduated in Photography at the Rome University of fine Arts (RUFA). She has been in the field of visual arts, photography and social media for years, working mainly in the commercial and architectural fields. She uses the photographic language as a medium to get to know reality in a curious and intimate way. She is mainly interested in creating images that can stimulate observers to reflect.

Gestures and body. Language on the Island

The body is a frontier between the outside world, which we perceive through our senses, and our very personal interior world, a system of signs through which human beings communicate with each other. The body, in fact, is a very powerful means of communication. This dissertation looks into the typical gestures used by Sicilians, investigating their attitudes and ways of communicating with other people. The project records interactions in the street, with people, using a camera, with patience and determination. Three different videos in the space focus on body language. Sound permeates the pictures, producing sound and voice landscapes.

Visual and sound perceptions travel in different directions.