Artista - Miriam Saviano

Miriam Saviano

Class of:
Nationality: Italiana | Italian
Degree course: Design

Miriam Saviano graduated with honours in Design at RUFA, in 2019. At the beginning of her academic carreer, she took on the challenge of RUFA Contest 2016 gaining a place among the finalists with an interactive installation. Combining her love for the sea with the environmental awareness, her thesis project consists in a gathering place to relax on the beach made with recycled materials. Her curiosity and multiple interests brought her to engage in a varied educational path through a MSc in Product and Service Design, that will culminate with a final thesis project about cinema, passion of the designer. The research for functionality and attention on the user are the heart of her works, with a focus on comfort aimed to arise positive feelings, both physically and emotionally, while maintaining a formal simplicity.

The Island, project for a place to meet relax and take a break from everyday life

This thesis focuses on the attempt to design a conceptual dimension for the sea and its specific landscape.

This is the starting point from which the project of a physical space is born. A space from which the sea can be observed as if it were a painting: through a frame.

But at the same time, the sea can be lived outdoors, as the space is shielded enough from the surrounding environment. The furniture inside this space also serves the observer. Inspired by water and its shapes, it makes the experience as natural as possible. The space can be used alone or in company, and creates a strong link between man and nature.