Artista - Nicola Daino

Nicola Daino

Class of: 1995
Nationality: Italiana | Italian
Degree course: Cinema

Nicola Daino (Steadicam Operator) | Graduated with 110 cum laude at the Rufa in 2018 with the thesis “Respiro”. He writes and directs two short films: “On the shoulders of the giant” and “Spectrum”. Through internships and workshops he specializes in the use of Steadicam as a means of shooting. He participates, as an operator, in various productions of short films and documentaries awarded at the Corner of Cannes, at the 74th and 76th edition of the Venice Film Festival. He produces commercials, commercials and video clips for renowned Italian and international artists. Steadicam of the film “Tiger’s Nest” produced by Medusa film. Currently freelance based in Rome.

Breathing, the steadicam and reality

The secret lies in perfectly balancing the camera and the spring-loaded arm that separates the movement of the body from that of the camera in such an extraordinary way.

The camera operator can run and the camera floats in the air as if it were suspended from the end of a spring. This morning I saw a reel of a film by Haskel, in which the operator is sitting on a crane, then the crane comes down to ground level and the operator descends and starts walking, without any interruptions in the filming. This solution saves a lot of time and money, avoiding the use of rails, and, above all, allowing film-makers to think and shoot in a way that would once have been unheard of.