Artista - Pietro Santovetti

Pietro Santovetti

Class of: 1995
Nationality: Italiana | Italian
Degree course: Graphic Design

My name is Pietro Santovetti and I was born in Rome on 09/14/95. I attended the Caravillani artistic high school where I obtained my high school diploma. I then began my studies at Rufa, with the address of Graphic Design, graduating in 2019 with a Graphic Novel entitled “Mr. Sapiens”. After that I choose the master’s degree in Visual and Innovation Design, graduating in 2021 with a short movie animated called “A Dark World”. I am a lover of illustration, cinema and art, which suggest creative ideas for my work. Professionally I always try to be precise, creative and above all curious to let the project guide me towards new and possible solutions.

Mr. Sapiens, story line of a story

The graphic novel is a genre in itself that was born as a form of popular communication. Through this thesis the main rhetorical structures are reconstructed and a narrative project is proposed: the main character of the story is Charles, whose name was chosen specifically to evoke the philosopher of the theory of evolution. Charles is a chimpanzee with remarkable communication skills, who lives inside the zoo and, for a series of fortuitous events, is catapulted into the world of humans.

The fact that he is a primate, the closest relative to our species, with an opposable thumb and reactive intelligence, highlights the downward spiral that we are experiencing.