Siria Cotugno

Class of: 1996
Nationality: Italiana | Italian
Degree course: Graphic Design

Siria Cotugno was born in Rome on 30 September 1996 on an ordinary day, but not just any day. The passion and the desire to create will lead her to look out onto various and varied realities linked to the world of art and the places that concentrate this feeling. From schools, to universities, to cities, to the most hidden places and the most visible ones, from the earth that makes your shoes dirty to the white marble that makes you squint, but above all to the increasingly unrestrained search to bring back her own emotions and the gaze of those who live to discover, know and love. From her first drawings as a child, through the world of graphic design to the magical world of 3D, Syria, as well as not having abandoned the pure feeling of being able to see poetry in everything, has also found time to graduate in 2019 from the Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, and in 2021 from the specialization in Computer Animation and Special Effects at R.U.F.A. In 2021 she obtained a master’s degree in “Texturing Modeling and Look Dev” with Genealogic FX, an academy in London. She is now working in a 3D studio in Den Haag in the Netherlands, cycling every morning to who knows what future destination.

Tekno movement: images, texts, trasformations

Telling the Tekno movement through an archive of texts and images. Making a series of scattered and often difficult to find materials available and assembling them through a precise editorial project. The technique used derives from the tools and knowledge acquired while attending the Graphic Design BA. The work is divided into separate chapters, on the basis of the contents and communicative expressions.

Different formats have been used in order to make the user able to start “reading” from any chapter, and to connect or deepen the topic and see it from different points of view, perspectives and sensations.