Stefano Falez

Class of: 1997
Nationality: Italiana | Italian
Degree course: Design

After following a scientific path, I wanted to cultivate my passion for design, which has always been a source of great interest, leading me to research and observe it in every aspect of everyday life and giving me the opportunity to see details not visible to uninterested eyes. Of this passion I wanted to make my life.
In 2015, I embarked on a Bachelor’s Degree in Design at RUFA University, which further contributed to my opening to the professional world. In the same period, immediately after obtaining the degree, magna cum laude, I undertook my first professional experience at the studio of a RUFA teacher ( Gentili + Partners), where I did my apprenticeship.
It was thanks to the latter that I identified the role that someday I wanted to fulfill, the “Lighting Designer”.
In 2021 I therefore decided to further develop my educational profile with a master’s degree in Lighting Design, at the University La Sapienza of Rome, which is about to end. At the same time I am currently engaged in an internship at one of the most renowned companies in the World in the sector.

La Comité

This work is the result of teachings learned during this three-year degree course in design.
The course in question contributed to both my professional and personal training, through courses and exams aimed at the construction of the figure of the designer.
I learned not only to realize my ideas and put them on paper but also the ability to “sell” them.
In the proposed thesis I wanted to analyze the artistic periods and styles that influenced me most during this journey, setting them in a context characterized by a style widely and deliberately contrasting.
The final result is a presentation, with attention to detail in the representation and execution, not differently from the projects that today I’m developing and presenting to clients with whom I work professionally.