Vanshika Agrawal

Class of: 1999
Nationality: Indiana | Indian
Degree course: Pittura | Painting

India-born artist, based in Rome working across different mediums from photography, painting, poetry, performances, and installations.

“Accounting the visible and invisible world to connect things in a specific way, to make sense of the equilibrium between knowing and not knowing. Her work examines the alert consciousness of the past to understand and represent the present in a constant dialogue with the human experience recorded in the past as emotions can never be merely preserved but must be always rediscovered. Talking about duality and fragility of the changing world, by working among a plurality of cultural signs. It deals with immaterial, movement, and the existence of the body in its immediate surroundings. Embodied gestures to trigger, open up layers of sensation and create memories to revisit the instants. Presenting ephemeral between time and space composed with delicacy and intimacy.”

Focusing on retrieving the traces of yesterday her practice uses culturally shaped rituals in performance art, to shape the mundane. In its continuous transformation, the mundane becomes sacred, resonating with life in the awareness of our transience. Analysing the old behavioural approaches gives way to shaping new concepts.

2021, Grace Before The End, ROMA ART WEEK, sixth edition (25-30 october 2021),
curated by Lavinia Coniglio
2021, Grace Before The End, AAIE Art Center for Contemporary Art, ROME
2021, D31 Online Summer Exhibition, Doncaster, UK
2021, Totems of a collective narrative, collective exhibiton, RUFA Space
2021, Performance Cluster, collective exhibition, RUFA Space
2021, Sacrality, a collaborative site specific installation, collective exhibtion, RUFA Space
2018, People Art Foundation, Odisha, India
2016, 2018 – 2020, 27 Art Point, Amritsar, India

2021, “Il Decameron” AAIE Art Center for Contemporary Art, ROME

2021, selected as the finalists for D31 Summer Exhibition
2020, Highly Commended Award for photography in 27 Art point All India Online Art
2020, shortlisted for Hand for Handmade’s Craft design Challenge in Group Entry
2019, Silver Medal for Photography in National Online Art Competition and Exhibition
2018, Artwork Publication in “The Lifeline” magazine
2018, Special Certificate of Honour for Painting in National Level Mega Art Competition

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