Artista - Wang Yuxiang

Wang Yuxiang

Class of: 1997
Nationality: Chinese
Degree course: Fine Arts - Painting

Born in Anhui, China in 1997. Graduated from a Chinese high school in 2015. Undergraduate study at the Rome University of Fine Arts, majoring in painting, and currently studying painting at the Rome University of Fine Arts. While studying abroad, I participated in the woodblock print seminar “XilografiaPolicroma”, hosted by Umberto Giovannini and Maria Pina Bentivenga in Montefiore, Italy in 2019. Invited by the artist Umberto Giovannini to participate in the artist-in-residence program “via del sale” in Capodistria (Slovenia), 2019 for the Lumen artist residency curated by the Albanian government of Tuscany, Italy The project designs and produces permanent public sculptures. 2019 In Rome, Italy, the “Development of Chinese Ink Art in an International Context” curated by the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts and the China-Europe Cultural Association. Served as an assistant to the artist Wu Song and Italian artist Fabrizio Dell’Arno to assist the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts Together with the professors and students of the University of Fine Arts in Rome, in 2019, I was invited to design the scene of the Nativity Eve in the Church of Our Lady of Victoria in Rome in Lorenzo Bernini’s “The Soul of Virgen”.

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