Ausoni Occupato

Ausoni Occupato is a project by Simone Cametti that involves the students of the School of Visual Arts. It is a series of multimedia events aimed at exploring all the possible relationships between different artistic disciplines. The goal is to develop in each student a greater awareness of the expressive possibilities of artistic techniques and media.

From April to June 2021 a series of actions will be developed by the students aimed at “occupying” the RUFA Space by means of photographs, paintings, multimedia installations and performances, with actions lasting up to 24 hours. The project is inspired by the different experiences of artistic “occupation” that have taken place in the last century: from Fluxus practices with Fluxhouse, to the Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin, to 59 Rue de Rivoli in Paris. Occupy, today more than ever, is a necessary act.

Each action will be accompanied by a note of Beatrice Levorato.

Here are all the events that are part of the project