Revisited Avant-gardes

The knowledge of history allows the creative to reflect on the past, understand the present and outline a future path. In particular, the study of the Arts becomes precious lymph for imagining and creating non-trivial works of aesthetic impact and conceptual value.

In the course of “History of Contemporary Art” of the second year of graphic design, held by Prof. Genny Di Bert, after the theoretical insights, with related thesis on the part of students, we moved from mental to factual processing, asking young graphic designers to reinterpret some historical avant-garde as a starting point for the design of posters relating to two current issues: the emotional state created in young people, and not only, because of Covid19 and the environmental problem, often still underestimated.

The poster was chosen as a privileged means of communication to express and spread direct and concise messages: visual synthesis enriched by the alternation of languages and images. An always up-to-date method in which graphics and art blend admirably.