Short Courses

Teaching and training for all.

Constantly focused on individual needs and on the changing pace of life and of the world of work, at RUFA we have decided to set up a Short Courses Department, designed specifically for students who want to further their academic career while engaged in their daily professional activities.
If you want to approach, perfect or complete your studies in arts and communication and have little time to spare from your work, the best solution out there is one of our Short Courses, tailored to your needs and timetable.

Qualified teachers and admission quotas.
To keep up our high teaching standards the Short Courses at RUFA are subject to admission quotas and all lessons are by accurately selected teaching staff trained and qualified to teach predominantly adult students.

Study Programs.
All the RUFA study programs in artistic, technical and communications subjects in any year are also available as a Short Course, tailored to the needs of adult working students.
You can enrol in our Short Courses throughout the calendar year and chose between a 3-month or 1-year course, with lessons of 2 or 3 hours per week, depending on the type of program.

On completing the course, if requested, we can issue a participation certificate.