Short Courses

Teaching and training for all.

Constantly focused on individual needs, on the changing pace of life and of the job market, we have decided to set up a Short Courses Department, designed specifically for students who want to further their studies while engaged in their daily professional activities.
If you want to approach, perfect or complete studies in art and communication and have little time to spare from your work, the best solution out there is one of our Short Courses tailored to your needs and timetable.

Qualified lecturers and limited number of students.
To keep up with our high teaching standards, the Short Courses at RUFA have a limited number of places available. RUFA accurately selects teaching staff trained and qualified to teach predominantly adult students.

Study Programs.
All RUFA study programs in art, technical and communication subjects in any year may also be attended as a Short Course, tailored to the needs of adult working students.
You can enrol in our Short Courses throughout the year and choose between a 3-month or 1-year course, with lessons of 2 or 3 hours per week, depending on the type of program.

Upon completing the course, if requested, we will issue a participation certificate.

Credits photo: Gaia Flamigni

Artistic Drawing

COURSE DESCRIPTION The artistic drawing course is intended for those who want to study the subject for the first time, but also for those who already have basic knowledge and want to acquire more skills. Students will be guided through exercises and learn the basics of drawing, which they will then develop through more complex…

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Photography – Basic level course

COURSE DESCRIPTION The course provides students with the necessary knowledge to develop professional photography skills, as well as guidelines related to the visual arts sector. The lessons include learning the professional use of digital cameras, laboratory experiences including shooting in the studio and outdoors using both artificial and natural light, the development of digital files…

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COURSE DESCRIPTION How to make a movie. The goal of the course is to follow the making of a short film from the idea to its screening. Laboratory experiences: screenplay, direction, cinematography, editing. Study and analysis of examples of the history of cinema. GENERAL INFORMATION Course type: Individual Course start/end: to be agreed with the…

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Painting – Basic level course

COURSE DESCRIPTION The I level Painting course (basic painting) is aimed at those who wish to approach of painting through a series of group workshops. The practical workshops will be preceded by short theoretical presentations, accompanied by slide shows. These will focus on colour theory, the basic rules of composition, different painting techniques and practical…

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