Fine Arts

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Corsi brevi in: Pittura / Disegno Artistico / Nudo Artistico / Calligrafia

Artistic Drawing

COURSE DESCRIPTION The artistic drawing course is intended for those who want to study the subject for the first time, but also for those who already have basic knowledge and want to acquire more skills. Students will be guided through exercises and learn the basics of drawing, which they will then develop through more complex…

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COURSE DESCRIPTION From the Roman Empire to the Renaissance: a journey through historical lettering still in use today. Uppercase and lowercase, from the capital letters of the Roman imperial age, to the Italic lettering of the 1500s, passing from the Carolingian minuscule of the time of Charlemagne to the humanist minuscule of the scribes and…

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Art techniques – Introductory course

COURSE DESCRIPTION The Art course offers a multidisciplinary training regarding artistic techniques, the use of materials and the process and creative development of a project through the different modes of expression. The course is open to students even without an artistic background who wish to learn various artistic techniques. Students will learn design methodologies that…

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Painting – Advanced level course

COURSE DESCRIPTION Prerequisites: all students should have already studied basic drawing techniques and color theory. The II level Painting course (advanced) is intended for all of those who want to research and study techniques and composition/representation concepts related to painting. The theoretical-practical research is articulated between composition (perception and structuring) and the conceptual definition of…

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Painting – Basic level course

COURSE DESCRIPTION The I level Painting course (basic painting) is aimed at those who wish to approach of painting through a series of group workshops. The practical workshops will be preceded by short theoretical presentations, accompanied by slide shows. These will focus on colour theory, the basic rules of composition, different painting techniques and practical…

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Nude figure painting

COURSE DESCRIPTION The Nude figure painting course directed by Maestro Roberto Di Costanzo aims to educate students on the beauty of the human body, its graphic realization through painting techniques and the ability to interact “from real life” with a model, and thus relate with proportions and body geometry. A compendium of sensuality and harmony…

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