Art techniques – introductory course

The Art course offers a multidisciplinary training regarding artistic techniques, the use of materials and the process and creative development of a project through the different modes of expression. The course is open to students even without an artistic background who wish to learn various artistic techniques. Students will learn design methodologies that will allow them to create images and to develop ideas. The course aims to provide the preparatory techniques related to visual perception, drawing and painting techniques, the study of color theory and composition and a design approach to visual arts. Facing these topics, the student will learn various technical notions, which will be introduced gradually during the creation of the works, in order to refine his/her artistic skills and increase the artistic creative potential of all of the students.

Type of course: Group
Participants: Max 15
Beginning/End of the course: to be defined
Enrollment: to be defined
Attendance: weekly
Length: 12 classes-50 Hours
Cost: 500,00 €
Requisites/Support: materials for the creation of the works. The teachers will inform the students during the first class.
Language: English
Lecturer: Fabrizio dell’Arno
Location: Via degli Ausoni 7

to be defined

Class Schedule (12 classes)
to be defined

Objectives: The course is a laboratory course and student will be required to undertake a series of practical works, which will prepare them for their artistic journey while learning drawing and artistic techniques. During the course the student will have the opportunity tackle the basics of artistic design such as the line and the dark light, the study of the materials needed for painting, the techniques of monochromatic sketch; color theory and composition theory. The aim of the course is to offer the necessary tools to each student to develop his/her own artistic work through the use of different techniques.

Lesson 1: the techniques of artistic drawing – study of line drawing.

Lesson 2: the techniques of artistic drawing – study of chiaroscuro in charcoal drawing.

Lesson 3: monotype technique, drawing the parts of the body and stylization.

Lesson 4: sculpture technique in bas-relief.

Lesson 5: ink and watercolor techniques.

Lesson 6: ink and watercolor techniques.

Lesson 7: study of composition and collage.

Lesson 8: oil painting techniques on canvas.

Lesson 9: oil painting techniques on canvas.

Lesson 10: development of a personal work, development of a digital mood board.

Lesson 11: development of a personal work through mixed techniques.

Lesson 12: development of a personal work with through mixed techniques.

LECTURER: Fabrizio Dell’Arno
Fabrizio Dell’Arno was born in Sao Caetano do Sul (Sao Paulo, Brazil) in 1977.
After graduating in Communication and Marketing in USCS University (Sao Paulo- Brazil) in 1999 he attended a postgraduate course in art history in College FAAP (Sao Paulo). He began his career as a teacher at the High School “Pueri Domus” (Sao Paulo-Brazil) teaching art and painting history. He also attended a scenography and art direction course in “Espaço Cenografico J.C. Serroni” working as an art director in many projects for theaters, cinema and television. Among other projects he worked as art director for the theatre group GRITE (experimental theater group). In 2003 he moved to New York, to study painting and drawing at SVA (School of Visual Arts), In 2005 he began a Master course in Sculpture in Italy at RUFA (Rome University of Fine Arts), where he works as a teacher since 2006 and currently holds the chair in the disciplines related to painting and painting techniques. In 1996 he began his exhibition activity in public and private galleries, while working also as an illustrator. Among his most significant works : historical illustrations for the Ministry of Culture of the Sultanate of Oman and a campaign for road safety in Italy “mettiti alla guida della tua vita”, promoted by the ASTM / SIAS, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure group and in collaboration with the United Nations.

At the end of the course, upon request, a certificate of attendance will be issued to those who have attended at least 40 hours of the classes.

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