Basic Design

The course is intended for students who want to educate themselves in the field of Basic Design and professional designers who want to deepen their skills of Basic Design. The course includes a theoretical part regarding the theories of Basic design and a practical part through which students will learn through guided exercises the fundamental elements of Basic design:from the theory of form and the visual field, the structure and laws of visual perception and balance, line, shape, form, texture and space, organic forms and geometric forms, control and study of color. The students will learn to create drawings and use color in their designs. The theoretical activities will therefore help student to get to know the language of design and the practical activities will help students become more independent in the creative side of design.



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    Type of course: Group
    Participants: Max 15
    Beginning/end of the course: 30th of March to the 24th of June 2021
    Enrollment: 22nd of March
    Attendance: Weekly
    Lenght: 12 classes-50 hours
    Cost: 500,00 €
    Requisites/support: materials for the practical works. The teachers will inform the students during the first class.
    Language: English
    Lecturer: Agnese Angelini
    Location: Via Benaco, 2

    from the 30th of March to the 27th of April (from lesson 1 to 5): Tuesdays from 2 pm to 6 pm.
    From the 6th of May to the 24th of June (from lesson 6 to 13): Thursdays from 8 am to 12 pm.
    March: 30
    April: 6/13/20/27
    May: 6/13/20/27
    June: 3/10/17/24

    The schedule may change

    Objectives: The course is preparatory for undertaking the visual design studies, and is characterized by the fundamental aspects of Basic design: theory, method and practical exercises designed by the great founders of Basic design such as Kandisky, Paul Klee, Johannes Itten, Josef Albers, Bruno Munari, Giovanni Anceschi, Tomás Maldonado…The students will develop specific skills of Basic design and will have an excellent basis for future research and experimental design studies.

    Due to the covid-19 emergency, the schedule shown may be subject to change.

    Lesson 1: Introduction to the Basic Design course. History and its evolution.
    Basic Design, the foundation of design. The founders and creators of Basic Design.
    The Bauhaus School – Black Mountain College – The School of Ulm.

    Lesson 2: Basic Design and its international application.
    Study and research of basic design in the application and development of the various disciplines: Architecture, Painting and Industrial Design.

    Lesson 3: Art and visual perception.
    The theory of “visual perception” and much more. What does it mean to see and what does it mean to perceive? Visual capacity, perceived through our eyes and mind.
    Optical illusions, ambiguous figures etc.

    Lesson 4: Psychology and the laws of Gestalt.
    Learn how theories work, how to apply theories and study the great designers who applied these theories to their work to become famous and landmarks.
    Practical practice.

    Lesson 5: The shape. Point and line to plane.
    Study of the nature and properties of the fundamental elements of form:
    point, line, shape and the decisive influence on graphics.

    Lesson 6: Module, structure, rhythm, space and field.
    Research and study of these elements and their multiple applications in interior design, architecture, industrial design, graphic design and publishing.

    Lesson 7: The Square.
    History of a sign and its spiritual symbolism and its applications.
    Practical practice.

    Lesson 8: The Triangle.
    History of a polygon and its multiple applications.
    Practical practice.

    Lesson 9: The Circle.
    The story of such a perfect sign and its applications.
    Practical practice.

    Lesson 10: The language of colours
    This lesson aims to study the symbolic meaning of and history of color and its evolution to the present day.

    Lesson 11: Studies of Itten and Joseph Albers. Masters of color.
    Theory of color, control and study of color. Subtractive and summative synthesis.
    Colour contrasts. The four-color process. Pantone colors.
    Practical practice.

    Lesson 12: Typography – History of typographic characters.
    Pictograms, icons and characters – Character anatomy, spacing and line spacing.
    Drawing of characters and their geometric construction – Recognize the basic elements of character use, shape, classification and composition.

    Agnese Angelini is a Brand Designer, creative consultant and eclectic designer.
    She began her career as a graphic designer in 1993 and has over two decades of experience in graphic design and in the creation of graphic identities.
    Agnese worked as a creative director with creative teams for some of the world’s leading brands, for which she was responsible for both the creative aspects as well as the brand strategy. Her professional experience as a Brand Designer has included collaborations with some of Europe’s leading Brand Agencies, such as FUTUREBRAND – Paris and Milan, CB’A – Paris, LANDOR ASSOCIATES – Paris and Milan, SAATCHI & SAATCHI – Rome, CARRÈ NOIRE – Rome and Paris, J WALTER THOMPSON – Rome.

    Agnese has designed identities and design system for many Brand Agencies a wide range of clients including : Original Marines, Yas Island at Abu Dhabi, Juventus Team, Artesia – French railways, Angelini Pharmaceutical, Zucchi Bassetti Brand Coop Supermarché, ABI – Italian Banking Association, Inda Brand, Palatium Brand, Laura Tonatto Parfum, Mazda, Toyota, Agrifood of Verona, The first edition of the Rome Film Festival, Poste italiane, Enav – National Flight Assistance Agency , IP – Gruppo Api, Ansaldo – Finmeccanica Group. Today she works as a freelance and collaborates with Brand Agencies in Paris, Hamburg, Brussels and Geneva.

    Agnese teaches in the Visual Innovation Design Master of Arts and in the Graphic design Bachelor of Arts in RUFA (Rome University Fine Art) in Rome. She also held workshops on Branding & Identity Design in the International School of Visual art, Fashion, Design in Florence and Rome.

    At the end of the course, upon request, a certificate of attendance will be issued to those who have attended at least 40 hours of the classes.

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