Copywriting, or writing for advertising, is a fantastic profession that you can use to shape the future through intelligence, culture, persuasion and acumen. It is only through mastering Copywriting that the Communicator can fully become a professional, an actor who is aware of contemporary issues, also able to design communication platforms based on conceptual and linguistic positioning. Copywriting is the conscious and mindful use of language we use to manifest consensus, persuasion, affiliation, affection and loyalty to a brand, a concept, a commercial initiative. Copywriting is a formidable generator of culture: it unmasks and overcomes social, cultural and gender stereotypes by producing new references in the product/consumer relationship.


Course type: Group
Participants: Min 8 / Max 12

Start/end of the course: 15 September – 22 October 2020
Registration deadline: 8 September 2020

Frequency: Weekly

Duration: 8 lessons – total 24 hours
Cost: 480 euro (to be paid in full at the time of registration)

Requirements/supporting materials: None
Language: Italian

Lecturer: Alessandra Giacomelli


Tuesday and Thursday: 5.00 – 7.00 pm

Tuition Calendar:
September: 15/17/22/24/29

The calendar is subject to change.


Course objectives:
Theoretical/practical course aimed at providing a thorough theory and practical knowledge of copywriting to adult students who are already familiar with writing and aspects of marketing.

The course will be divided into three parts:
1. Core. Fundamental theoretical/practical knowledge.
The classic advertisement, hierarchies of text, conceptualisation of a message.

2. Structure. Strengthening and expanding knowledge of the subject.
Understanding the brief. The leaflet. Naming, radio, texting, billposting, dynamics, POP.

3. Mastery. Implementing knowledge of the levers and mechanisms involved in the copywriting process.
B2B, B2C, DEM, web, testimonials, social media, gadgets, packaging.


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– G. Scibilia, Salvo. Creatività
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LECTURER: Alessandra Giacomelli.

Alessandra Giacomelli, Copywriter.

Alessandra has been active in the world of advertising since 1989. She graduated in Copywriting/Advertising at the European Institute of Design in Rome and has subsequently worked in Italy and Latin America.
Alessandra works on a freelance basis as a Resident Copywriter for various companies and communication agencies and, as of 2011, she has also taught the Copywriting course at RUFA.


RUFA students: 10%
University students: 5% (upon presentation of the university registration booklet)

Course package: If you have signed up for two or more courses, you are eligible for a 10% discount on any courses purchased after the first one.

A certificate of attendance will be issued on request at the end of the course providing you have attended at least 7 of the 8 lessons included.

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