Building Blocks

DESIGNERS: Francesca Vrenna / Martina Gregori / Niccolò Iafusco

Building blocks is an installation made of five modular elements.
The main inspiration is represented by the building blocks game; each component, in fact, reminds of a kid’s toy. The playful shape and the vivid colors are meant to invite people to hang out together. The installation has multiple functions; it could be used as a normal seat (where you can relax, read, listen to music and connect with other people) or as a workout area. Building Blocks, in fact, allows you to practice physical activity thanks to the morphology of its modules. Building blocks is an installation that promotes social interaction between people of different ages, social backgrounds and origins. It is suitable for families, groups of friends, pets or people who want to spend time by themselves. Due to its modularity, the installation can be arranged in endless configurations. Six types of joints ensure stability and safeness to the structure. They also allow you to make several layouts.
The whole project can be 3D printed with recycled ABS plastic.



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