Alessandra Giacomelli

I received a degree in Copywriting in 1985 at the European Institute of Design (IED) in Rome.
I have worked in Italy and abroad for over thirty years, in Italian as well as in Spanish and English, both with advertising agencies and as a freelance professional, crafting words and advertising concepts for a wide array of products, campaigns and services.
Since 2011 I have been leading the Copywriting Course at RUFA, training future designers to be better communicators.
Today I continue to work with global clients and agencies and I am a regular collaborator with the Cappelli Identity Design studio: together we create RUFA communication campaigns, the RUFA Contests platform and campaign and the Academy’s course brochure content and products.
RUFA is also a direct client, and for the last seven years I have been responsible for writing radio spots, texts for the institutional website, content for internal and external promotional initiatives and the Academy’s branding and claims.