Alessandro Marinelli

Alessandro Marinelli is an editor and documentary film maker.
He graduated first in Editing from the NUCT (Nuova Università del Cinema / New University of Film Making of Rome), and then in Film Making at RUFA Rome University of Fine Arts, with honours.
Since 2003, he has been working as editor and director of documentaries, feature films, spots and video clips. He likes to experiment with different languages and genres. In 2006, he collaborated with the Manetti Bros as assistant director and assistant film editor of the film “Piano 17”.
As editor, he has collaborated with the director Gabriele Albanesi in the films “Il bosco fuori” and “Ubaldo Terzani Horror Show”. Since 2009, he has dedicated himself to making documentary films, as a result of his great interest in reality.
He collaborates with Digital Studio, Clipper Media and Rai Cinema productions, editing documentaries and feature-length films and working with several directors, including Luca Archibugi (Rome – Gerusalemme, Abuna Michele), Francesca Muci (Siamo tutti vecchi, Alessandra, the Power of a Smile – a special event at the Giffoni Film Festival; La Santa, Love is Not Perfect – R&C Productions, screened in competition at the 37th edition of the Montreal Film Festival), Andrea De Fusco (Gleason’s Gym, Big Apple Juice, In Aquis Fundata), Barbara Cupisti (the Exiles Trilogy: Exiles: The War, Exiles: Tibet, Exiles: The Environment) and with Simone Aleandri (Sono Cosa Nostra).
In 2014, with the documentary “Pino Masciari – the Story of an Entrepreneur from Calabria”, scripted and directed by him, he won various prizes and awards, including the Premio Ilaria Award for Best Documentary.
In 2016 he made his latest documentary “Fragments of Freedom” (Terra di Siena Film Festival, Human Rights Film Festival – Diritti a Todi, Festival del calcio solidale, Est Film Festival).