Alessio Cimato

Since he was a child he develops a strong creativity and predisposition to the relationship with others; he senses that the natural maturation of both ambitions is the key to achieving his goals. Later and during the course of studies and life, he meets people rich in knowledge, with whom he establishes a relationship that helps him to feed his desires and increase his experiences.

Thanks to the development and achievement of the 1st Level Academic Diploma in Design with the thesis “Green Social Network”, adotta una Casa Cantoniera – which allows him to make use of all the notions learned in the university environment – he feels affirmed in his profession and ready to learn all that is still dark to him, aware that there is no end and every moment is a new experience and novelty.

The work and study path at the Master Lighting Design (MLD) helps him to deepen the design of light, confirming what he believed up to that moment: designing work is building life. The collaboration with various architectural firms in the capital helped him to strengthen himself in the profession of Interior and Lighting Designer.