Alessio Cremisini

He graduated in 2004 in Product Design from I.S.I.A., in Rome, with an experimental thesis on Photovoltaic Bus Shelters, in collaboration with the Design Office of A.T.A.C. S.p.a., the public transport operator of Rome. He then went on to collaborate with various design, architecture, multimedia and set design firms, furthering his knowledge of and experience in 2D/3D modelling software and graphics and compositing techniques for the realistic rendering of projects.
In 2011, he curated the development of the Great Theatre at the “Magicland” theme park in Valmontone.
He has a passion for Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Comics, Design, Modelling and Videogames, and, since November 2011, teaches “Virtual Architecture” and “3D Digital Modelling Techniques” at R.U.F.A. in Rome.