Andrea Cavallari

Andrea Cavallari, a partner of Iperdesign since 2008, works in the fields of development, analysis and programming.
Over the years he has developed websites using WordPress CMS, for clients such as the Evangelical Lutheran Churc, Enel Rete Gas, LifeShield, and applications for iOS and Android smartphones, for clientssuch as DaleCarnegie, Hausmann&Co, Rezza Immobiliare, WWF, Abbott, Bracco, Cangene and PaesiOnLine.
He is an expert programmer in various languages, including iOS, Android, C#, Pascal, Java, PL/SQL, Oracle, TomCat, XML, HTML, Javascript, VB.NET 2.0, Visual Basic 6.0, ASP 3.0, and ASP.NET.
His achievements include a workflow system for Johnson&Johnson, the development of a CRM for Sistemia, of a Project Management System, and a software for managing shares, bonds and securities for Cedacri, as well as a participation in the Pegasus Project (a software for managing auction, seizure, mortgage and certification services).