Angela Di Biaso

Since 2011 she has been the commercial manager of Messaggerie Libri, a company leader in Italy in book distribution. She attended high school in classical languages and mathematics at University to understand the reality through the words of literature and philosophy, but with also the rigor of mathematical theories. Immediately after graduating, she entered the marketing department of De Agostini Libri, where she learned the basics of the income statement and the analysis of the publishing market, then she moved to the sales department. In 2002 she joined Mondadori, first as the sales manager of Mondadori Informatica Libri and later managing the “Oscar Mondadori” sales network. At the end of 2009 She took over the management of the commercial department at RCS Libri, not only in charge of the sales networks, but also leading the distribution department, and oversaw the implementation of a new business data system. Finally, in the spring of 2011, she arrived in Messaggerie Libri, which was an opportunity to observe the market in its entirety and to collaborate with a lot of publishers, favoring their development through the consolidation of the services provided and the implementation of new opportunities.