Antonin Joseph Di Santantonio

He graduated in Architecture from Sapienza University of Rome (Supervisor: Prof. Arch. Paolo Portoghesi). A member of the National Professional Association of Architects of Rome, he has qualified to practice the profession. He has gained a Master in designing interactive spaces for communication from the Faculty of Architecture of Sapienza University, Rome, and attended specialisation courses in set designs for performances.

After several experiences in the construction industry, he furthered his professional career at RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana, the Italian state broadcaster, which he joined in1983, and where he held various production positions, from Supervisor to Organiser, participating in no less than 65 TV fiction programmes and events. From 1994 to date, he works in the Set Design sector, where he has held a number of positions: from Manager of the RAI set design sites and laboratories, coordinating the teams of Builders, Decorators, Construction Workers, Graphic Designers, Model Builders, Modelling Operatives, and Special Effects designers, supervising about 200 set designs; to manager and coordinator of the set planning and design sector and now of the Project evaluation office of the Set design sector of RAI.