Davide Dormino

My work is expressed in scuplture and design. I seek new forms by favouring old-fashioned systems for working on materials such as marble, bronze and iron. The entirety of my artistic research is entrusted to the grandeur of a creative process rooted in fundamental human issues. I dialogue with size, working in every physical scale, in order to represent an idea and insert it in the most suitable vessel. Every artistic expression becomes a fertile terrain with which to estabish exclusive and incisive relations with an external environment. Flux, vectors, bridges, and works both great and small: materials transformed without artifice but shaped by a will to become the timeless interpretor of the Spirit of Art.

Born in Udine in 1973, Davide Dormino lives and works in Rome. His art pieces are divided between public and private works, whose size can vary from tiny to gigantic. Primarily a sculptor, works sometimes with marble but mostly with iron. His research focuses on the formal relationship with the material, folded up to the distorting nature to meet their needs of expression.