Emanuela Camacci

Emanuela Camacci was born in Rome, she graduated in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. Once she graduated she attended a specialization in mosaic art at the studio of Costantino Buccolieri.
She has participated in numerous temporary exhibitions and land art interventions in Italy and around the world, including GNAP Italy – Global Nomedic Art Project, 2019. She has undertaken many international residencies, such as the Sculpture Symposium in Santiago de Chile in 2017 and the Yatoo International Artist in Residence in South Korea in 2018.
In Italy she has won several awards and competitions for works of art in public spaces, such as the Montesacro East Fire Station in Rome, with the work “Mani” in Roman travertine, or such as the sculpture “Bubbles of air” at the permanent collection of the Cantina Producers Cormòns of Gorizia. A determining factor in her research has been the collaboration with artists and professionals from various backgrounds, experiences that offered her the opportunity to live life with a different perspective from an artistic-intellectual and human point of view.

Her evocative language is rooted in representations of emotional life, in the link between sculpture, architecture and the environment, in the exploration of the limits and possibilities of various materials.

Ideas are only fully realized in an appropriate context.
“the work changes meaning in relation to place and space.”

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