Emiliano Mammucari

Designer, writer and illustrator. He began making comics in 1998, with a graphic novel entitled Povero Pinocchio, published by Montego, the publishing house he helped create. Later, among other things, he made the first issue of John Doe (editorial Eura), and then began the collaboration with Sergio Bonelli. Editor: Napoleone, Jan Dix and Caravan are the series he collaborated on. He also oversaw the covers of the latter.
In October 2013 he brought Orfani, the first monthly color series of the Sergio Bonelli Editore, to the newsagent of which he also drew the number 1, 12, and the first number 1 of Orfani: Ringo, series of which he is also cover artist. With Orfani: Terra, the narrative arc of 2017, also passes to writing. His are also the drawings of The new dawn of the living dead, revisitation of the first famous issue of Dylan Dog. In 2018 he published the book Spiritual lessons for young cartoonists.