Fabrizio Pizzuto

Fabrizio Pizzuto is a Sicilian art critic. He teaches History of Contemporary Art and Art Management.
He specialised in Contemporary Art History at the School of Specialisation in Siena, directed by Enrico Crispolti with a thesis developed after a residency in Paris at the Cité des Arts for Incontri Internazionali d’Arte in 2006.
He currently runs the non-conventional exhibition space and online art criticism platform KHLAB of which he is co-creator and co-founder. He is curator and Art Dealer for Wepp Art s.r.l. He collaborates with the Nation 2.0 platform in Dubai (UAE).
He collaborates with Inside Art Magazine and Liquitex on artist residencies in Rome at the Fondamenta space. He has curated exhibitions and written texts for galleries and exhibition spaces in Italy and abroad.
He lives and works in Rome. Sometimes he is even on call.

Khlab, Wepp.art