Filippo Foglietti

He graduated from the then 5th Art School (currently Giorgio De Chirico) in 2003. He attended the painting course at the Academy of Fine Arts in 2005.
He then attended the C.S.C. – Department of Animation in Piedmont in the three-year period 2006-2008. After graduating from the experimental centre, he began his professional experience between 2009 and 2010; initially as a 3D animator for a mixed technique short film, and then moved on to storyboarding, which will characterise most of his professional experience to date. From the first RAI TV series “Spike Team”, moving on to other RAI productions such as “The Qpiz” – “Spike Team 2” – “Adrian”- initially with Mondo TV and later with Clan Celentano and Movimenti. He worked for a period on the TV series “Bat Pat” again with Movimenti until “Dixiland 2” currently in production. In addition to the animated TV series, he works as story artist on other projects: video clips and video promos in animation, live action and mixed media. He also works as a visualiser with Clonwerk, for competitions and events related to various brands and trademarks, including Enel, Siemens, Fiat, Maserati.