Filippo M. Rotondi

AIRA studio. Illusion, trompe l’oeil and 3d animation are the basis on which Aira’s imaginary rests. From an early age Filippo M. Rotondi constantly scribbled on sheets and surfaces. As a teenager he continued doing so in subway tunnels and in the stations of his city. His artistic studies introduced him to classical disciplines and methods. This is why in his work he combines the recovery of tradition with technological research; all of this still allows him to pass natuarally from a typographic study project on strictly freehand blackboards such as “The Gentless” (in collaboration with LAU) to the development of a set up of creatures and their animation in a 3D universe that is physically consistent. He finds his inspiration in nature and mathematics hidden in its forms; the harmony revealed by the calculation is more important than any plug-in. For him technique is only a spontaneous extension of thought and expressiveness, not an instrument that is an end in itself. The VJ activity of the last few years smoothly culminates in the design and implementation of mapping, a result that is greater than the sum of the skills that compose it: architecture, design, vjing, direction, motion graphics, and 3D. He defines himself as proactive, positive, and capable of generating enthusiasm in all of the situations in which he is involved.