Gianluca Lera

Tuscan by birth and Roman by adoption.
His passion for fashion began in his mother’s small linen workshop.
He graduated in ‘Fashion Design’ at the I.E.D. in Rome. His creative path began in Fausto Sarli’s Haute Couture Atelier located in the centre of the Capital near the Spanish Steps. He continued his path as head of RTWM ‘first lines’ for important brands such as Valentino, Prada and Fendi.
From 2006 to 2009 he was in charge of the project – Bulgari Accessori-, where he was Creative Director.
His experience and curiosity led him to collaborate with major companies in Italy, including Huski, Coccinelle, Borbonese, and abroad, especially in the East, where he was able to express his style, which earned him the title “Italian Touch”.
He came to the fore in the OTP project, with the ‘Swing Bag’, a bag designed with ‘movement’ in mind, the idea of restarting, as a reaction to the static, immobility of the pandemic period.
From this project, a small collection of bags signed “LERA” was developed, which aims to emphasise the concept of quality, of “made well”, the importance of Italian craftsmanship, and therefore of Made In Italy.