Giulio Pernice

Interaction designer and creative coder, he develops interactive installations and sensitive environments, which allow the use of multimedia contents through natural interfaces.
Natural interfaces, based on the use of innovative technology, allow interaction methods with and between the people who privilege emotional and participative aspects. The multidisciplinary approach enables him to find non-conventional solutions to design challenges.
In 2014, he founded “Giulio Pernice Interactive Experiences”, which thanks to the experience built up in the development of interactive design products, through an independent project that makes use of different professional skills, as needed.He has also developed “Beyond Borders”, an interactive exhibition taking place in Rome, London, New York and Tunis, 2017 / Immersioni, interactive installations for the Italian Pavilion at the Venice International Film Festival in 2016 / CEA Sanza, a Project on environmental education in the National Park of Cilento / Archaeological Museum of Torcello (Venice), an augmented reality app for archaeological reconstruction / Mapful, the official Jubilee app for mobility of disabled persons / Syncronicity, an interactive installation freely inspired by Calvino’s “Invisible Cities”, developed for the England Arts Council / AYEAYE — 2010-2014.
In 2010, with three multimedia and video art professionals, he created the AyeAye group, for the purpose of developing interactive installations and sensitive environments. Together, they created installation on the recovery of identity and the memory of historic villages, on mental health, on poetry in dialect and theatre-dance performances, on the relationship between people in the chaos of modernity.
In 2007, he joined Studio Azzurro, attracted by their idea of how to use technology as an opportunity for communicating content, and not as a totem to exhibit, regardless of content. With Studio Azzurro he has developed various projects in Italy and abroad, including: Geografie Italiane, MAXXI, Rome 2010; Sensitive City, Shanghai 2010; 100/101 the first hundred years of the Orchestra of Santa Cecilia, Rome 2008.