Guenda Cermel

Head of Fashion with significant experience in the retail sector at an omnichannel level.
Guenda Cermel is a 360-degree professional who blends creativity and strategy, from design (collection design) to operations (buying and merchandising), negotiation (worldwide sourcing), and numbers (budget, purchase, and sales). She has eventually grown a wide and solid managerial experience in leading fashion companies.
Guenda graduated in Art history, then she began working in the fashion industry as an Assistant Designer at Stefanel, and later as an Assistant Buyer and Brand Manager in the Coin Group, becoming responsible for the design, development, buying, and sales of three Coin-owned brands. Afterward, she became Category Manager for 3 Fashion categories, assuming a key managerial and strategic role supervising the Group’s 50 department stores. In 2018, she joined as Head of Fashion HSE24 TV, the Italian branch of a German ‘shoppertainment’ company among the leaders in the sector with branches in five countries. She has recently earned a Master’s in Philosophy, and she is now undertaking her MA degree in Integral Ecology.
Guenda has been appointed as the Academic Coordinator of the BA in Sustainable Fashion Design at RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts.