Jurgen Janku

I am Passionate about music, technology and design. Since I was a child I have been intrigued by objects and their functioning. I disassembled and reassembled any type of appliance to learn about materials, utilities and possible other applications. I started by restoring and customizing guitars and basses as a hobby, from which I learned a lot about woods and processes, then moving on to the electrical part that encouraged me to create experimental electronic systems.
The interest in design led me to choose the profession of the designer as a lifestyle. After art high school I obtained the Bachelor of Arts in design at the Rome University of Fine Arts, in which I expanded my knowledge in new technologies and interior and product design. During the academic career I signed my first contract as a designer in 2014 through the internship in Rometti with the creation of the “Mystère” ceramic, I started experimenting and deepening the world of virtual reality and wrote a thesis on the up-cycling of high density polyethylene for the creation of furnishing accessories for the outdoors.
After graduating, I started my career collaborating with architecture firms and communication agencies creating virtual guides for museums, projects of outdoor spaces for events, VR experiences for interior projects and curating design product presentations.