Luca Santarelli

Communication designer, born in Mantua and adopted by Rome. He graduated in Graphic Design at RUFA and specialized in Design of Systems, Communication Department at ISIA Rome, where he graduated with a research thesis on speculative design methodologies aimed at creating and narrating future scenarios. He participated in the research project “Sottusono”: a mapping of the Roman music scene, together with Scomodo and the Politecnico di Milano. His design field ranges from digital to analog with a transmedia approach, focused on the search for integrations and interactions between the physical and digital world to create languages, environments and narrative structures. AIAP member, he often questions the role and responsibilities of the visual designer and the need to create processes, systems and tools that have the power to connect people and transform reality. He deals with graphic design related to processes, communication and visual identity for cultural organizations and private companies. He also collaborates with design studios and agencies.