Luigi Iacobelli

Luigi Iacobelli, known as Gino, was born in Rome on April 7, 1959, a city to which he is united by a deep love. He worked from a very young age in the family’s graphic arts company, alternating studies with work. He studied advertising graphics at the Cine TV and worked in the meantime, as well as in the family business, also at the Accademia (correspondence school) as a layout designer. At the age of 15, he began working in some publishing houses and embarked on a valuable collaboration with the Alternative Press and with periodicals referring to Italian counter-information, both as a journalist and as a graphic designer, thus entering the sphere of publishing activities. He founded many editorial initiatives together with various partners; among the most famous, the editorial Malvarosa and the current Iacobelli publisher. For 40 years he has worked in the sphere of communication, mainly as a typographer, layout designer and editor, but he has also developed short experiences as a journalist. Among the most famous products he created: the periodical LA TOVAGLIA and the guide L’AGENDA DELLA NOTTE.