Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi

Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi was born in Catania in 1956. He works as an architecture critic and is the director of the online journal presS/Tletter. He is the president of the Italian Association of Architecture and Criticism ( and has worked as a curator of the series ItaliArchitettura (Utet Scienze Tecniche), a collection of the best projects designed by Italian architects over recent years. His History of 20th Century Architecture may be downloaded, free of charge, from the website He has written numerous books, his favourite is HyperArchitettura, (Testo&Immagine 1998). The one that has sold most copies is This is Tomorrow, avant-garde and contemporary architecture (Testo&Immagine, 1999). The book he would have liked to sell more is Introduction to Architecture (Meltemi, 2004). The one with the best reviews is New Directions in Contemporary Architecture (Wiley, 2008). Then there’s his Short Course on Critical Writing (Lettera 22, Siracusa 2012), targeting those who want to write about architecture. His personal website, where anyone can download his books and articles, is He is currently writing, for Artribune, a series on the Architects of Italy, while another book, ArchiTexture, is about to be published.

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