Marianna Cappi

She studied Communication Sciences in Bologna, journalism in Brussels and script-writing at the Experimental Centre of Cinematography (Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia) in Rome (2001-2003).
She has written shorts with and for G. Michelotti, S. Nicchiarelli, F. Lagi (“Pastime”, shortlisted for the Short Film Competition – Corto Cortissimo – at the Venice International Film Festival in 2004. S. Accorsi (“I don’t Know You”, winner of the David di Donatello Award in 2014). In 2007, she directed and scripted the documentary “Tomaso Monicelli. Un intellettuale in Penombra”. She has worked as a script-writer for RAI and Mediaset broadcasters (“Il Commissario De Luca”, “Gente di Mare”, “Vivere”) and taught script-writing in Gorizia, Mantova, Bologna, Ramallah, Bellinzona, Pistoia. She has scripted the feature film “Elementary Loves” directed by Sergio Basso (CSC Production, Rai Cinema, Zori Film, 2014). For the theatre, she has adapted the Broadway musical “Priscilla – Queen of the desert” and “Clan des Divorcées” by Alil Vardal for the Italian stage. She also writes on cinema for the daily local newspaper Voce di Mantova, as well as the web portal and the weekly Film TV.