Nemo’s started drawing as a child. Since then he has continued to express himself in this way. In 2002 he began to paint on the walls between abandoned places and abandoned factories. He adopted the name of the protagonist of the book “Little Nemo in Slumberland” by cartoonist Winsor McCay. He was fascinated and inspired by anatomy – biology books and comic books at home, science fiction films and dystopian cyberpunk tales of the early eighties. His interest in the human being as a “social animal” has accompanied him from the beginning, leading him to define a prototype of hominid that could describe the contradictions of his time: “Naked and lacking any sign of civilization, the human being shows himself for what he really is. A defenseless creature at the mercy of nature and of himself without hierarchical structures, whose only goal is to Survive “.Between wonder and disgust, Nemo’s describes the human being and contemporary society in this way, trying to express what surrounds him. Nemo’s has painted in many countries around the world (Latin America, the United States, India, Africa and Europe). He often works through projects with marginalized communities, in suburbs and in prison. He continues to draw in abandoned places and where he happens to be. In 2016 and 2017 he published two books with the Italian publishing house Logos. The first is a collection of drawings, the second deals with the theme of water in the world.