Ottaviano M. Razetto

Ottaviano Maria Razetto was born in Parma (Italy). In 2004 he graduated in Architecture with the highest possible marks at the University of Parma. In recent years he has had the opportunity to personally get to know some of the great personalities of international architecture, and to establish friendships with some of them. Among them: Carlo Aymonino, Oriol Bohigas, Mario Botta, Guido Canella, Peter Eisenmann, Vittorio Gregotti. Herman Hertzberger, Aimaro Isola, Arata Isozaki, Carlo Lazzarini, Rafael Moneo, Carl Pickering, Paolo Portoghesi, Osvald Mathias Ungers. Between 2000 and 2006, he took numerous research and work trips to the United States and Europe. In 2005 he enrolled in the Professional Register of Architects, Landscape Architects and Planners of Parma. Since 2008 he has been enrolled in the Professional Register of Architects of the Czech Republic. As a scholar of Czech architecture of the beginning of the century, he has developed numerous researches and exhibitions on the subject (exhibition “La secessione a Praga tra Art Nouveau e Cubismo” Parma – 1998, pubblicazione “Realismo socialista cecoslovacchia: 1948-1989” Praha – 2009). The professional assignments regarded the restoration of the historical-architectural ensembles, new building interventions and interior design. Dry and elegant, Razetto’s language is proposed through an architecture that he himself likes to define “the richness of minimalism”. His creations avoid the nihilism proposed by a lot of contemporary architecture, to outline shapes and surfaces that translate into a landscape to be explored, a story to be listened to.