Paolo Parea

A Rome-based designer, he was born and raised in the Eternal City. He trained at the ISIA, in Rome, where, besides attending a normal course of studies, he also successfully participated in international competitions and met with leading companies in the industry, in connection with his projects.
After completing his studies in 1995, he met Fabio Lenci, who hired him in his firm in a modelling capacity, assigning him the task of developing an operational prototype of a three-wheel scooter. In the space of a year he moved to the operational design department, at the heart of the firm. From this moment on, and in the following years, he dealt with projects ranging from bathrooms to furnishings, from fitness to wellness, from electric to conventional cars, for both public and private use, supervising and collaborating in the creative and development stages, with the opportunity to operate directly on the ground, at the customers’ premises. In these years, he met with top-level companies, such as Teuco Guzzini, Fiam, Testori Interiors, Newform, Gruppo Vitawell, Simas, to mention but a few.
All this experience warranted his appointment, in 2001, to the role of design manager, a position he kept until 2005, when he left LENCI to embark on a freelance career. In those years, in this position, besides managing the design activities, he supervised and organised the human resources and, in his capacity as tutor, supervised the apprenticeship of the interns working at the firm.
At the same time, in 2003 and 2004, he taught design at the department of Industrial Design of the Faculty of Architecture at Sapienza University in Rome.
In 1995 and 2005, he was selected a number of times to participate in the Officina delle Arti (Arts Workshop) event held by CASAIDEA, at the Rome Trade Fair, aimed at bringing together young designers and the world of crafts.
In 1999, he was also selected to exhibit at the Abitare il Tempo (Living Time) event held in parallel to the furniture trade show in Verona.
After leaving the firm, he started a freelance professional career, entertaining relations with companies operating in the bathroom industry, and also ranging to include the field of lighting, spas, wellness and furniture accessories. For some clients he also undertook art direction tasks, working on the image of companies by studying catalogues, product packaging, events and trade fair stands and retail outlets. Thanks to his design experience and soundness, he established long and profitable partnerships with companies belonging to the TREESSE Group, Ala Ceramica, Tecser-Onyx.
In parallel, having cultivated a passion for materials and process technology since his university years, which he then further investigated through studies and direct experience, he occupied positions such as chief R&D and product industrialisation officer, refining his skills over the years, also through hands on experience, on the ground, with top-level suppliers, improving his capacity to find effective and creative solutions to production problems.
Following the meeting with two young professionals, Enrico Secci and Simona Vidoni, he developed the TRIADE project, an experience that lasted until the end of 2010.
This period was also very profitable for both the amount of projects completed, including the designing of a chain of luxury stores for the bathroom sector in the former USSR countries, and the awards received, first and foremost the DESIGN INDEX 2007 by ADI Lazio, for his “Wave” sanitaryware by Modellazione Ceramica.
Towards the end of 2010, he received a new award from ADI Lazio, with the selection of the GEN-X extended user bathtub, signalled out for the DESIGN INDEX award and also included in the publishing of the DESIGN CODEX.
In 2011, he changed jobs once again, opening a new chapter with the creation of the PAREA DESIGN firm and entering into new commercial agreements, including with MOCCI, a top partner for graphic and exhibition design, and the start of design and artistic design consulting services with new companies.
He also continued his university teaching career, which he began in 2008 at RUFA Rome University of Fine Arts, a free applied arts academy offering Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts Degree, where he teaches packaging design and product design in the graphics and design degree courses.