Piergiorgio Casotti - Visiting Professor

Piergiorgio Casotti

Born in 1972 and graduated with a degree in Economics, I’ve always been attracted to the dynamics of human beings; Since I first discovered photography, I’ve seen it as a mean that allows me to explore both the world and myself at the same time. It’s been an indissoluble link ever since. What I photograph always has something to do with me; it’s about knowing my intimacy, facing my fears by experiencing other worlds and lives. I use the same empathetic method with my life and photographs: tearing up the concept of “beautiful” or “ugly” and looking for images “to be experienced”, not just “looked at”. I try to create complex projects in order to express the complexity of the world and life: images and texts, videos and music; I try to break old patterns and move borders further; I’d like to tell stories, states of mind and experiences that have little to do with aesthetic standards; I’d like to tell stories of lives that, even through the language of photography, scratch the surface of things digging for what the eye cannot meet.