Raffaele Vella

Born in Avellino, in 1985, he graduated in Architecture from Sapienza University, in Rome, with honours, remaining to live in the city.
An author and editor, he has written the book “V-Ray Guida Definitiva” (V-Ray: a Definitive Guidebook), and edits the Universo 3ds Max and Universo V-Ray columns for the Computer Graphics magazine “Tecniche & Applicazioni (CGT&A)” published by Imago Edizioni.
He was involved in the graphic design and layout of the PeriodicoMARCO magazine.
Among the most important speakers, nationwide, at workshops and conferences, such as the 2012 and 2013 editions of DDD – Digital Drawing Day, the 2013 Rome Drawing Day, and the 2013 and 2014 editions of Udine 3D Forum.
He also acted as moderator of the V-Ray section of the Imaginaction.com Forum.
He has dedicated most of his career to architecture, alongside a great passion for Computer Graphics. He also has a keen interest in Photography, which he sees as a form of expression with endless opportunities, a fundamental tool for visual research.
He collaborates with numerous architecture and photography firms, in the field of Photo-realistic 3D Graphic Restitution.
A teacher at the course of 3D Digital Architecture at the Rainbow Academy, 3D Pro at Lab Creation and Computer Graphics 2 of the bachelor’s degree course in Photography at RUFA – Rome University of Fine Art.